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Most healthcare professionals go into healthcare because they want to help people. Though quality improvement initiatives are an essential aspect of providing great care, demanding schedules and heavy patient loads leave little time for physicians and nurses to add another thing to their already full plate. That's why MedAlign was created. Founded by a nurse practitioner who genuinely enjoys implementing quality programs, we want to relieve the burden on our colleagues by taking those projects off your plate.

MedAlign Innovative Solutions offers fresh solutions for some of the biggest problems in healthcare. We believe change is often necessary for growth, and we help healthcare organizations navigate changes that will facilitate growth while positively impacting patients. Furthermore, we empower purpose-driven nurses to lead systems-level change through developing competence and confidence beyond the bedside.

We are transforming healthcare from the inside out through nurse-led quality and innovation. We're solutions-minded and service-driven. We'd love the opportunity to partner with you!

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Quality Improvement

Certification and accreditation - we offer a range of service tiers to meet your needs.

Transforming healthcare from the inside out through nurse led change
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Satisfied Clients

"Elisabeth Collins is a nurse practitioner who is amazing. She whipped us into shape and rolled out a lot of new programs that really optimized our stroke care. We went for Primary Stroke Center Certification, and the Joint Commission said, 'You're actually better than that!'"

Dr. Hale, Neurologist

“Elisabeth offered clarity on a previously unclear path. She was very direct with no sugar coating. I think I got exactly what I needed.”

T.R., Nurse

“Joining Elisabeth’s mentorship program a couple of years ago was one of the BEST things I could have done for myself as a DNP student!”

Chamberlyn, Nurse Practitioner

“The Joint Commission surveyor said that she has never seen a facility so well prepared. We will receive the first ever primary stroke certification on island, further exemplifying our inclusion among the best hospitals in the nation. I especially thank Elisabeth Collins, DNP, APRN who worked tirelessly in preparation for this survey.”

Alan V. Funtanilla, President & CEO Guam Regional Medical City

"Elisabeth is an excellent mentor because not only has she gone through it, she knows her stuff, and she gives practical advice."

Tammy, DNP Graduate

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